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Alternative Ageing
Suzi Grant's wonderful website will delight anyone over 50, or less! The doyen of growing older gracefully, healthily and happily! 
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Anyone for Health -
Jean Shaw, author and mother with an autistic son, has written a number of books about some of the important nutritional benefits of seaweed. You can also purchase Seagreens® on this site.

ARCH - Association of Registered Colon Hydrotherapists  - 
The Association of Registered Colon Hydroptherapists was founded in 1987 by the renowned Milo Siewert, Doctor of Medicine and Chiropractic, who single-handedly revived and modernised this therapy in the UK.  ARCH has been at the forefront of setting high standards in education and practice to ensure public confidence and safety. Please visit the website for further information and to find a registered practitioner in your area.

ARNICA - Natural Immunity Network  -
A positive, sensible parents' support network, with local groups in the UK and overseas, was set up in 2007 by Anna Watson, a school teacher, and other parents to support and promote natural immunity and challenge vaccination as the orthodox approach. It takes a wider interest in, and publishes useful information about, all aspects of natural health care. It is not an 'anti' organisation, but seeks to offer positive help to find and use alternative approaches to preventive and curative health care. It runs two other websites at: and There is no charge for membership.

Autism Trust -
The Autism Trust set out to create a lifelong centre of excellence and security for autistic children and adolescents. See also The Autism File Media Channel.

Biodynamic Association -
The 'Biodynamic Agricultural Association' now simplified to the BA, was founded in Great Britain in 1929 predating the Soil Association. It promotes biodynamic farming, gardening and forestry and supports its members and licensees through a network of advisers, its journal 'Star & Furrow', a news-sheet, conferences, seminars and workshops. It also certifies biodynamic farms, food producers and products identified by the Demeter symbol and in the case of Organic production by the words GB Organic Certification UK6. It is Seagreens®' certification partner for the UK, Europe amnd the USA. Biodynamic agriculture seeks to improve the nutritional value of food and the sustainability of land through a uniquely holistic and spiritual understanding of nature and the role of human husbandry. The Association has its roots in and remains a member of the broader worldwide Anthroposophical movement. Membership is open to everyone interested in working with, developing and learning about biodynamics. Members receive a quarterly newsletter and the bi-annual Star & Furrow, a highly informative, readable and beautifully presented full colour magazine. Patrick Holden, ex-Chairman of the Soil Association, in 2010 offered his services as Patron and a Director of the Biodynamic Association.

British Gut Project
mportant US-British co-operative reseach project to collect very large microbiome data from both countries - all explained on their website and a very resonable cost to get your microbiota assessed and reported. Valuable data for practitioners too.

Bubbling.Life -
Elle Fox is based in Forest Row, West Sussex, runs fermentation workshops, coaches nutritious food, replaces the fish in traditional Kimchi with Seagreens®, and generally inspires a healthy, bubbling life. The website is worth a visit in its own right!

Dr Jane Jamieson's seaweed workshops, talks, wild foraging and retreats -
Jane is based in Edinburgh and is a member of the Seaweed Health Fioundation, and through Enabling Health she offers her nutritional and related therapies and pilates at various locations in the city. While she is "rooted in science" she takes frequent time out to explore the wild and works extensively with seaweed including Seagreens.

Ffyona Campbell's Wild Food Walks, Seaweed Wild Food Walks, and books -
Hunting and gathering wild food in south Devon, by request or by joining an existing group led by Fiona, who has had unique experience in the field on several continents. "It is always exciting," she says, "not only because of the treaures we find but because it uses parts of our brain that haven't been worked for thousands of years." Her walks to the seashore "take us to the hunting ground for seaweeds that taste like smokey bacon, seaweeds that make energy-giving soups and delicious puddings, seaeeds that treat sunburn and one which makes your hair shiny and your skin gleam. There's a treatment for eczema, psoriasis, cold sores, acne, shingles and all manner of dermatitis problems". Ffyona's latest book is a wonderful story and full of the most fascinating insights and information. It is called 'THE HUNTER-GATHERER WAY' published December 2012 by Wild Food Publishing, 12a Warland, Totnes, Devon TQ9 5EL - £12.50 by mail order inc. p & p.

Horse and Heart -
Marie Franco is a very remarkable and gifted young woman doing extraordinary work with people and horses based in the South West of England. She is running various events for those who love, play, or work with horses. An example is her Horse Watch: "quietly sttling near a herd of horses for the day, discover who they are - as horses. Through a guided process of observation, understand their natural life and ways, their role and needs in the ecosystem, the social structure and natural cycles of the herd, how they communicate with one another, share with them the more subtle sensory perception and messages exchanged in the herd in a silent way. As the day goes on, your attention and heart will become so alive with the presence of these beautiful beings, feeling as they do, playing in the field, smelling what they smell, understanding their jokes and complaints and enjoyments - the invisible connection with the herd begins... Email

Horse Hero -
Fiona Price has been an Olympic rower, Young Businesswoman of the Year for her London-based financial services firm for women, and among other things, today she runs Horse Hero, an internet portal to all the main equine events, news, views and education. It has excellent training videos and advice from experts and lots of useful information.

Seaweed Health Foundation -
Set up by Seagreens' founder in 2010 to provide a vehicle to ensure the critical elements of a new industry in the British Isles and Nordic region - the careful, sustainable harvesting and production of wild seaweeds for human consumption, which he has now been involved in for over two decades. The Foundation focuses on Reseach, Standards, and Information, running or participating in public events throughout the British Isles, co-ordinating ground-breaking nutriton research, and setting a new standard for seaweed production with the Biodynamic Association, launched in 2015 'Nutritious Food Seaweed'.

Weston A Price Foundation -
Traditional foods. Unprocessed foods. Fermented foods. Natural, wild foods. Foods that have not been turned into something our great grandparents would call confectionary! It has been a long time coming but our friend Philip Ridley has finally managed to create the UK WAPF website and by sheer determination, courage, and tenacity, has kept the movement alive in the UK with a wide group of supporters and interested parties, including Seagreens and the Seaweed Health Foundation.

Biodynamic farmers keep the horns on their cows!
An international forum for research, standards and information
Patrick Holford now campaigns for Sustainable Food