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Why Seagreens®?

Seagreens® is the product of two decades of independent scientific research and proprietary methods and technologies (Patents Pending).

We specify and monitor the selection, harvesting, handling, drying, processing and packaging of particular seaweed species whose quality is thoroughly tested and independently certified.

The result is that with Seagreens, you know what you are eating.

Our products focus on nutritional value and ease of daily use - whether you are using them for flavour, preventive health, nutritional therapy, bodycare, or animal nutrition.

Seagreens' extensive accreditation is your assurance of consistently superior quality, with international regulatory compliance.

Through this pioneering work in the British Isles and Nordic region, Seagreens® is Europe's leading organic wild seaweed.


In recent years, with the Biodynamic Association, we have pioneered Nutritious Food Seaweed - the world's first standard to require independent, comprehensive, compositional profiling.

Seagreens remains actively involved in original research with a number of British and foreign universities.

Click here to read what Holistic Therapy magazine said about our human food quality wild Wrack seaweed a few years ago.


Don't be fooled by those who say that all seaweeds are the same.

You can find the same species, but it may be a by-product of industrial scale production, or from inferior (even organic) production for animal feed for alginate extraction, a very different kettle of fish!

Many 'seaweed' ingredients are in fact 'extracts' of seaweed.

Carrageenan, an extract of Carragheen (Irish Moss) widely used even in organic foods, is under scrutiny as a possible carcinogen (National Organic Standards Board, USA 2017). 

In independent research, whole food Seagreens has achieved better results than extracts of the same species.


Seaweed species are as different as any natural foods, and none have Seagreens long history of documentation and use.


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