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Tales of Seagreens®

People have found all kinds of uses for Seagreens: babies to grandparents, dieticians to dentists, farmers to fishermen, restaurants to raw food enthusiasts, equine establishments to animal sanctuaries.

We are always delighted to her of your experiences with Seagreens because it stimultes innovation and the exchange of information among consumers, medical and healthcare practitioners, and those concerned for the health of domesticated animals.

We are prevented by law, however, from re-printing here, the many unsolicited comments and testimonials we receive from consumers and healthcare practitioners.

Seaweed restores our relationship with something wild, primordial, pristine - an energy and place largely untouched by the changes Man has wrought, on the land which supplies our food and in the air we breathe. Covering 99% of the Earth’s surface, the oceans remain the only constant source of all the nutrients of which we are physically composed. We must look after them for they are very largely us!

During Seagreens' first 10 years to 2007 various studies were conducted using Seagreens among children with Autism, among eczema sufferes for a London University Masters thesis, in India among agricultural crops and in West Sussex among livestock. In 2007 we were fortunate to be invited to participate in a large government sponsored research initiative to replace harmful artificial food ingredients.

Further research in weight regulation, taste and nutritional profile, and many further studies have led to peer reviewed publication of some award-winning research.

As a result it has been possible to establish the Seaweed Health Foundation as an independent forum for seaweed production standards, education and research. Meanwhile, very many Seagreens consumers, medical practitioners, biodynamic farmers and others have themselves been innovating with their Seagreens!

We will continue to welcome your Tales of Seagreens!

Jeremy Stephens found Seagreens delicious in his yoghurt!
And Seagreens founder, Simon Ranger, loves it on pasta!
Charlotte Palmer sprinkled it on her boiled Easter egg!
While Sammy dreams of running along the seashore!