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The Mineral Bath

The Mineral Bath 300g 300g
The Mineral Bath 300g   300g
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Relax and remineralize

Simply drop 2 bath bags from your pack of Seagreens® The Mineral Bath into the water as you pour your bath.

Then soak in the rich mineral goodness of 100% Seagreens Ascophyllum nodosum, our native wild Knotted Wrack seaweed.

Each pack contains six bath bags - enough for 3 baths per pack.

We suggest 2 bags per bath - that's 100 grams (3.52 oz) of Seagreens per bath*.

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The organic minerals in Seagreens® are water soluble, so our bodies can absorb them from this wonderful seaweed!

All Seagreens® products are certified Nutritious Food Seaweed, non-allergenic and organic with nothing added and nothing extracted.

Both inner and outer bags are compostable - after use, give them to your garden!

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 It is likely that in children with dysfunctional digestion and impaired absorption of nutrients, the topical use of the seaweed may be helpful. 
There is good evidence for seaweed use in many skin conditions from forming a poultice with water from the content of Seagreens® Food Capsules (or the non-encapsulated Food Granules) for burns and wounds, to The Mineral Bath for soaking and mineralizing. This product was originally developed in 2005 in response to suggestions made by parents of autistic children in whom Seagreens® was found to be beneficial. Thereafter we received requests from sufferers of psoriasis and in 2008 we contributed Seagreens® Food Capsules to a trial in eczema conducted by nutritional therapist Susan Astbury, London SW1.

The Mineral Bath