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Foliar spray and irrigation

1 part Liquid Purée to up to 1000 parts water (1:1000)

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Our unique micronising process enables the Liquid Purée to pass through narrow pipes and sprays without clogging.

It readily mixes with other nutritional inputs such as nutritional supplementation or pesticides.

Plant growth regulators in the seaweed including cytokinins (eg. adenine), auxins, gibberelins, IAA and ABA are substances which help regulate plant growth and development, and including minerals and betaines help protect the plant under stress (eg. from frost, pruning, etc).

Many growers are familiar with the effect that seaweed foliar spray can have in raising the threshold temperature of for example, frost tolerance in fruit trees.

In the soil the seaweed may interrupt the breeding cycle of parasitic nematodes which invade the roots.

The cytokinins may be the most important growth component.

As far as possible we will prevent our products being used in combination with environmentally harmful chemicals.

Gardening tip: in a watering can, use 1 part Liquid Purée in up to 500 parts water (we suggest 5 teaspoons per 5 litre watering can)