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Horticultural usesResearch

As foliar spray or for irrigation Liquid Purée can be applied directly to the plant as a foliar spray or to the soil by hand spraying or irrigation systems

As seed soak Hebridean Horticultural added in water before germinating seeds and sprouts demonstrably enhances growth and vitality

As liquid manure Hebridean Horticultural can be used alone or with chopped plant and animal matter to form liquid manure for direct application to soil

As composting nutrients In solid compost, a thin layer of Hebridean Horticultural every 12” (30 cms) will return nutritional balance to the soil, encourage bacterial breakdown, ammonification and alkalinity.

As soil nutrient and conditioner Digging Hebridean Horticultural into acid, sticky clay soils helps alkalinity and aeration; into sandy soils the balance of nutrients and water retention

As rootball planting medium Sprinkle 100 - 300g Hebridean Horticultural into the dug soil area of the rootball to reduce stress, enhance nutrition

Seagreens® are also used in animal feed. Very special prices and distribution arrangements are available to Certified Biodynamic® and Organic farms and charitable institutions


Ascophyllum research

Original research in okra and onions

“On top of these natural waste materials we put some cow dung, and some water, and some rock sulphate, and some seaweed. Compost is the only way to increase the humous content of soil. Without humous, soil is lifeless. You get very good crops which generally don’t have trace element deficiencies”
- Peter Proctor, Savdanen Patel in How To Save The World (DVD), 2007 - available to purchase from: