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Soak, chew, or infuse this very versatile vegetable!

These raw dried pieces of Seagreens® wild Pelvetia canaliculata seaweed have many uses:

  • Soak for 6 minutes in cold or warm water, drain and add to salads or warm vegetables

  • Use the water you soaked them in - it’s a nutritious tonic as stock or in a herbal tea!

  • Mill them dry in your table grinder as a condiment, alone or mixed with other condiments, herbs and spices
    “The most happening salt mills are being filled with Seagreens® organic Salad & Condiment” 
    - Janet Smith, She magazine, England, February 1999 (we changed the product name in 2018)

  • Soak for up to 45 minutes with other ingredients to make a highly nutritious tonic or tea - try our recipe:
    click here for Seagreens® recipe which uses half a jar of Salad & Condiment per 1.5 litre jug.

Our tonic delivers just over 4g Pelvetia per normal 250ml glass - about the average daily amount of seaweed in the traditional Japanese diet!

A refreshing, highly anti-oxidant, detoxifying, revitalising, re-mineralising tonic perfect after a game of tennis or for a convalescent patient!

And with this level of nutritious seaweed, a powerful preventive healthcare measure to boost the immune system, used at the Penny Brohn Cancer Centre in Bristol.

Seagreens® Summer Tonic
Seagreens® Summer Tonic: 4 grams per glass!
Salad & Condiment salad
Salad & Condiment adds a unique taste
Sal and Cond pasta
Nutritious, delicious, simple: penne, pesto, Pelvetia!
Bart’s Sea Salt & Seaweed Mill
Sold in Waitrose: a Gold Taste Award 2004
new jar labelling in 2018
Pelvetia Sea Vegetable - its new name for 2019
Seagreens® refreshing Summer Tonic
Get our recipe for this refreshing antioxidant tonic
Salad & Cond on pesto
Soak a heaped teaspoon as a topping for pesto pasta
Just soak for 5 minutes before adding to your food