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Less is probably moreHealth Tip

Generally, experience shows that prolonged daily use rather than higher intake is the key to efficacy. It also indicates that the relationship and balance between the nutrients in Seagreens® and their bio-availability, rather than the actual amount of each nutrient present, may underpin their efficacy. In all cases, although debility may be addressed within weeks, genuine change and improvement appears to accrue from long term use, often becoming apparent between the sixth and twelfth month when underlying causes rather than symptoms may begin to be addressed.

Over time, a more balanced and better regulated system helps maintain a‘clean bill of health’ - energy, metabolism, digestion and weight,toxicity and acidity seem to be affected. Most consumers reporting longterm use refer to optimum benefit being obtained between 12 and 24months and thereafter maintained by the minimal daily intake of 2 FoodCapsules or 1/4 teaspoon of the Food Granules (1g) which is safe inpermanent use including pregnancy and in all special diets.

“Many people resort to formulated health supplements found onsupermarket shelves, and I was one of them until I discoveredSeagreens®, but why use artificial multivitamins when you can have thereal thing? Nutritional supplements need to be carefully tailored toindividuals as they don’t normally suit everyone, and unbalancedmultinutrients (too much or too little) aren’t always ofbenefit...everything has to be balanced as nature intended, and if yourbody can’t utilise minerals and vitamins your health suffers as well asyour purse. Sometimes for optimum health and nutrition purposes, lessis more! Seagreens® contribute to the complex nutritional balance onwhich our bodies depend, help us make the best use of other foods andhelp protect against unwanted toxins”
- J. Shaw, Mercury Poisoning, Simply Me Books, 2007

Nutritional therapists have found that a minimum 3-month course of Seagreens® helps them identify where a person’s real deficiencies are. Nutritional supplements are not natural foods. They are formulations of single nutrients or specific combinations used to address known and identifiable deficiencies. Some ‘superfood’ formulations include seaweed, but can be prohibitively expensive for long term use and contain components to which a patient is intolerant. Seagreens® is a natural whole food whose remarkable breadth and balance of nutrients bridges the gaps in the daily diet and is priced like a food. It is equivalent in price to traditional (non-organic) Japanese whole leaf seaweeds, wheat and barley grass and other algæ products. It can reasonably be considered a dietary foundation for permanent daily use.