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Why are Seagreens® different?

Of all the world’s seaweeds, the family of brown seaweeds are nutritionally outstanding. Among these, the wrack seaweeds have the most balanced and comprehensive profile of nutrients - a complete food. Seagreens® are wrack seaweeds, the product of sustainable harvesting.

Most seaweed is the product of industrial harvesting, where quantity is more important than quality, such as dead seaweed removed from the beach. Most of it goes to the alginate industry which supplies extracts of seaweed for a multitude of uses from wallpaper paste to wound dressings. The rest typically ends up in horticulture, animal feed, and often in cheap nutritional supplements like 'kelp' tablets and capsules, often prescribed for thyroid conditions because of their iodine content.

Based on the founder’s awareness of the imbalance of nutrients and the lack of whole food minerals in human food, Seagreens® began harvesting living plants for human food in the late 1990s aiming to set proper quality standards and “to get a gram a day of the best seaweeds into the human diet”.

Only living plants with no floating or dead seaweed are allowed, with no root or crustacea. This is achieved by selecting the times and locations of the harvest, which are carefully monitored. The plants have to be cut at nutritional maturity but after their natural process of reproduction, between 3 and 5 years. The cut plants are then left to regenerate before re-harvesting.

These plants are then dried at much lower temperatures than if harvested for agricultural use - so they retain their full nutritional value as a whole raw food. Seagreens® are dried slowly around 40ºC. And they are dried within 12 hours of harvest - so they do not sit on a quayside, decomposing for days or even weeks!

Nor do we powder our seaweed because this can damage its comprehensive mineral content. We use our own slower, multi-grinding techniques and the whole production is carried out to international HACCP quality and food hygiene standards. To the best of our knowledge we are the only seaweed production with a Food Hygiene Certificate! Above all, nothing is extracted from or added to the pure fresh seaweed.