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Its beauty is more than skin deep

Seaweed and its extracts are widely used in wound dressings, bathing, and thalassotherapy (eg. seaweed body wraps).

Feed Seagreens Pet & Equine Granules to your animals and you will see the difference in the coat - not to mention the behaviour of horses, dogs and cats!

Seaweed is a natural food for human skin, hair, nails and circulation.

For weight regulation and nutrition we suggest the daily dietary inclusion of Seagreens Human Food SeaweedTM products. Click here to explore the products.

A range of factors may be involved, including digestion, metabolism and hormone regulation, blood alkalizing and cleansing, and balancing tissue and cellular salts.

In 1999, female subjects in uncontrolled weight regulation trials at the University of Pavia, Italy increased blood flow to the skin by as much as 45% with claimed reduction in cellulite. The trial claimed a 30% loss of subcutaneous fat and 5% off waist and hip measurements!

Take a look at Seagreens product range and consider how you can include one or more of these easy to use products in your daily diet.

They retail at from £6.95 to £46.95. From about 7p a day.

Click here to read or download 'Seaweed in Weight Regulation and Nutrition' published in February 2013.

“...wonderful effects of Seagreens® in conjunction with a personalised nutrition programme: loss of weight in obstinate non-loss cases, including low thyroid, and fabulous midriff and hip reduction benefits are amazing especially in pre-IVF cases where removal of heavy metals are so essential”
- Anne Gardner, Nutritional Therapist, Staines, Middlesex, 2007

More information can be found under the alphabetical heading Weight Regulation in Seagreens Healthcare Summary. The Summary is a guide to the daily use of Seagreens in the general population. It may be viewed or downloaded by clicking here.

“Seaweeds are useful in weight-loss programmes and for lowering cholesterol and fat in the blood. Marine plants have a ‘sinking’ quality and direct the energy of the body lower and more internally”
- Paul Pitchford in Healing with Whole Foods, North Atlantic Books, 1993