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The benefits of feeding seaweed to animals

Daily nutritional balance is the foundation of sustained growth and health.

Yet important natural nutrients are missing from soils and feed whatever the quality of stable, stud or farm management.

The ocean provides a constant ‘reservoir’ of these nutrients and Seagreens® wild Ascophyllum absorbs and concentrates them in an ideal soluble or ‘colloidal’ (readily absorbed) state as a natural whole food.

Principally, the seaweed is used to:

  • Ensure the entire range of micronutrients vital to growth, performance and disease resistance without the attendant dangers of deficiency or toxicity which may accompany formulated feed additives
  • Increase beneficial bacteria and the condition of the gut to enhance immunity and the uptake of other feed nutrients particularly on low grade rations
  • Secure the nutritional balance most significantly for debility and recovery, fertility, reproduction, gestation and in the newborn, and during other periods of stress

“The benefits of feeding seaweed to animals seem out of all proportion to the apparent food value of the seaweed itself. Trace elements and growth hormones are probably involved, although the fact that seaweed modifies the intestinal flora of livestock may be chiefly responsible.

It may be that in modifying their intestinal bacteria to help them digest the seaweed, livestock are better able to exploit other ingreedients in their diet”
W. A. Stephenson, Seaweed in Agriculture and Horticulture, 3rd edition, Rateaver, California 1974.