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Superfood Products

Pukka Herbs are Britain's leading organic ayurvedic herb specialists, planting over 1 million plants each year to benefit the land, the integrity of Ayurveda and the health of society.

Their range of Organic Bio Nutrients, launched 2009, includes 3 products containing Seagreens® Arctic Fresh Seaweed - Clean Greens, Vitalise, and Weight Balance. Each is a powerful blend of nutritious natural foods for everyday health.

Britain’s largest manufacturer of organic quality nutritional supplements, G & G also includes Seagreens® Certified Ingredients in several multinutrient superfood products.

“...wonderful effects of Seagreens® in conjunction with a personalised nutrition programme: loss of weight in obstinate non-loss cases, including low thyroid, and fabulous midriff and hip benefits are amazing especially in pre-IVF cases where removal of heavy metals are so essential”
Anne Gardner, Nutritional therapist, Staines, Middlesex, England, 2007

Pukka Herbs Vitalise containing Seagreens®
Pukka Herbs Vitalise containing Seagreens®