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Skin conditions

Mix a small teaspoonful of Seagreens Microgranules with warm water (boiled and allowed to cool to a little above body temperature) and apply to any part of the body as a poultice or compress, to aid in the healing of eczema, psoriasis, rash, burns, sunburn, cuts, grazes and other skin conditions.

Where the outer layer of skin has been cut or partially or wholly removed (for example by wound, burning, steaming or eczema) make a suitably moist, warm paste or poultice and apply directly to cover the affected area of cleaned, dry skin.

The paste should be sufficiently moist that it will neither drip off nor dry out.

Immediately dress the area with layers of an even moister gauze and cover, so that moisture will be retained in the seaweed preventing it drying out for several hours and if possible leave or re-dress overnight.

More information can be found in the Skin section of Seagreens Healthcare Summary - an alphabetical guide to the daily use of Seagreens products in the general population. It is regularly updated on this website and may be viewed or downloaded by clicking here.

A 300 gram tub of Seagreens Microgranules lasts a long time and retails for £29 from selected Retail Partners.

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Even severe inflammation has been found to calm down rapidly.

Where the skin is intact as in burns, dry skin, cellulite or 'orange peel', leave the moist dressing for at least 30 minutes, but again a longer or overnight dressing is preferable. Gently wash off with body temperature warm water.

We suggest using Seagreens® Microgranules - not yet in stores but you can click here to purchase - in combination with Seagreens® Food Capsules or Food Granules for at least 3 months. Either of these products provide the longer term internal balance of nutrients required for healing and to maintain healthy skin and hair.

As a facepack, mix with warm water to a loose paste in a cup immediaely before application. Spread the paste as any normal facepack, leave for at least 15 minutes until dry and wash off with body temperature warm water.

Burns and wounds
Mix to a suitable paste with warm water in a cup immediaely before application. Spread the paste on the affected area or on a dressing, wrap over and and leave as long as possible - overnight for example - and wash off with body temperature warm water. The past should be moist enough to be absorbed by the skin but not so runny as to be wholly absorbed into the dressing. Re-apply as often and for as long as needed for healing to take place.

Blend Microngranules with water for a healing face pack, burns or wounds