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We price our products using a lower-than-average industry margin for manufacturing and set retail prices accordingly.

We request retailers internationally to honour the Manufacturer’s Recommended Retail Prices (RRP or RSP) and wherever possible will withdraw our products if we consider consumers are being overcharged.

Our policy is to manufacture as close to our markets as possible.

As regional sales increase it will be possible to manufacture, for example in North America or Asia, keeping our social, environmental and financial objectives in balance.

This process has already begun with the formation of Seagreens AB in the Nordic region.

Vegan Society

Founder of the British Society for Mercury Free Dentistry for pre- and post-operative detoxification in amalgam extraction

ION and BANT Nutritionists, BHMA and NIMH Medical Herbalists, and NHS Dieticians

British Association of Holistic Nutrition & Medicine

The Coeliac Society

New Approaches to Cancer

Hyperactivce Children’s Support Group

The Autism Trust