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Okra and onions research - National Horticultural Research and Development Foundation, India

Research report from the National Horticultural Research and Development Foundation, Maharashtra, India, 2008

Okra and onions are grown on a commercial scale all over India and has important export potential.

Seaweed and synthetic fertilisers are used but Seagreens® Liquid Purée is a novel product produced directly from whole, fresh, cold wet seaweed without the conventional use of high temperatures and powdering which destroys much of its goodness.

Sponsored trials began in 2007 using Seagreens® as a foliar spray against the main competitors, and will be repeated several times to establish a clear result.

All trials used Seagreens® and the competitors at different strengths, with a control using water and sticker only.

Results from this initial series showed few significant differences among treatments overall, but in both crops the highest yields were achieved using a lower dose of Seagreens® than of the other products.

In the okra trials, the highest number of leaves and plant stand at one month and harvest were also achieved with Seagreens®.

In onions, the lowest incidence of stemphylium blight disease was recorded using a higher dose of Seagreens®, though no higher than the highest dose among the competitors.

Conversely, the consistent highest yield at 15, 30 and 45 days after planting, and the lowest incidence of thripe, was recorded using the weakest Seagreens® solution (less than half the strength of the weakest competing solution).

The largest bulb size was recorded using Seagreens® at the medium solution.