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Liquid manure for use in Biodynamic® systems

According to Lynette West, writing in the Journal of the Biodynamic Agricultural Association (Summer, 2008) the aim is to ensure that plants are fed naturally through their fine white feeder roots from nutrients that are in a natural soluble form in the soil.

Feeding the plant directly is to be avoided.

To ensure this, nutrients (eg. minerals) contained in the liquid manure need to be ‘chelated’ (bound to an organic molecule) as a ‘colloid’ (in soluble form).

Seagreens® Liquid Purée is already in this form because it is whole, fresh, cold-micronised seaweed so that its nutrient composition can be readily distributed throughout the manure.

Lynette suggests that chopped plants, seaweed or fish wastes should fill two thirds of a container which is then filled with rain water.

A wide range of plants can be used including stinging nettle, comfrey, thistles, chickweed, and weeds - which are specialist producers of the very substances the soil lacks.

“Seaweed is very beneficial as an all purpose tonic as it contains a wide range of macro and micro nutrients required by plants”.