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Liquid manure

Hebridean Horticultural may be mixed with animal and vegetable organic matter at about 33% to form a properly aerated, fermented liquid compost in which nutrients properly bound to the organic matter, in their natural, soluble form, are readily absorbed by plant life, aiding root formation and the growth, development and immunity to stress and disease.

The process is well described in biodynamic horticulture in the following pages.

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“Living matter is made up of colloids and all body fluids are colloidal solutions...the body’s colloidal particles, which carry an electromagnetic charge, are constantly pushing each other away, thereby maintaining their suspension in the medium.

...Colloidal solutions hold an essential place in the organisation of living creatures: cellular fluid, the humoral fluids and blood that bathes the body’s tissues, and the sap of trees and plants are all formed in large part from colloidal substances - which highlights the importance of maintaining the 'dance of life'.

While it is possible to obtain colloidal solutions synthetically, it is clear that those offered us by nature directly remain unequalled in quality and provide therapeutic properties that humans and animals have always sought - probably because of the similarity of these solutions to their own internal cellular environment, which is also colloidal by nature“
Marie-France Muller MD, ND, PhD, Colloidal Minerals and Trace Elements, Healing Arts Press, 2005