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Horticultural Ingredients

Ascophyllum seaweed has a range of horticultural applications. Our ingredients are approved for use in Biodynamic and Organic agricultural systems in Europe and the USA.

A great deal of research over in the past 50 years provides ample evidence of beneficial use and this species more than any other is the horticultural seaweed of choice for its outstanding balance of nutrients including all the minerals and trace elements.

We have conducted the most comprehensive compositional analysis anywhere in the world under the independent supervision of Sheffield Hallam University and British government accredited laboratories.

Seagreens® has long been interested in this field. We conducted small farm studies in ochra and onions in India in 2006, in biodynamic seaweed composting in 2009-2010 in collaboration with the Biodynamic Michael Hall Garden and the Biodynamic Agricultural College at Forest Row in Sussex, and at Laverstoke Park ('the organic university') in Hampshire.

For samples, small volumes (1kg, 3.5kg, or 25kg), large volumes up to 5000kgs, and delivery information, please contact Seagreens Trade Direct.


Special arrangements and prices are available for Biodynamic and Organic licensees, Slow Food members and charitable institutions, which we are happy to discuss.

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We completed a small trial in compost in 2009-10 with significant results in crop growth.

“Soil loves seaweed. As mulch or in a compost heap it’s a veritable miracle grow”
- Fergus Drennan, wild food celebrity, The Ecologist, July/August 2008.

Traditional farm near our original harvesting business in Norwegian Lapland. There is no land that cannot benefit from seaweed