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A model of sustainable harvesting


Seagreens® Ascophyllum grows wild among the remote islands where we harvest in relatively shallow water down to about 5 meters.



Seagreens® Pelvetia grows on the inter-tidal rocks. It is called Channel wrack because it holds the water in tiny tubes during the ebb tide.



Seagreens® Fucus grows in shallow water along the surface, its length containing numerous ‘bubbles’ which keep it afloat.

We have developed new methods, machines and procedures to produce Seagreens® unique seaweeds for human consumption.

Seagreens began in Norway, then we brought our know-how to develop our human food seaweed in Scotland through Hebridean Seagreens, a joint venture with the Hebridean Seaweed Company Ltd.

But today the Hebridean factory focuses on higher volume, lower quality seaweed for agriculture, using diesel driven drying and large hammer mills to grind the dried seaweed in industrial quantities.

Seagreens' Production Partnerships focus exclusively on human consumption elsewhere in the British Isles and the Nordic region.

Everywhere Seagreens® is produced within our modern consortium model, it is produced to consistent quality standards.

To maintain consistency we cut specific lengths of fresh living seaweed from monitored new growth at the right age and time, also ensuring sustainable regeneration.

Our special equipment and procedures protect it from contamination or down-grading during harvesting, transport and processing.

Then each batch is extensively analysed at independent laboratories.

Only consistently good results produce the Seagreens® you ultimately consume, either in our own products, or the products of our many manufacturing and retail customers.

This obsessive pursuit of production quality is what still makes Seagreens® outstanding, even after 20 years!


Each of Seagreens® seaweed species is traditionally cut by hand. We abandoned the use of fossil fuels in 2015.

Today electricity, ground source heat and other natural energy resources power Seagreens® production.

For deeper water species, we use especially made, lightweight cutting vessels which allow us to see and cut the seaweed underwater at considerable distances from the shore.

Seagreens® are dried within hours of harvest as a raw food at temperatures below 45ºC, after which they are produced in the various forms required for our ingredient and nutrition products.

For a brief introduction to our production quality, please click here.

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