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Biodynamic preparations

Biodynamic preparations BD502-506 are added to achieve the right fermentation in the breakdown process.

Each can be wrapped in a small hessian bag containing a stone to weight it down, tied to a wooden cross placed on top of the container.

Preparation BD507 is stirred separately in 4.5 litres of warmed high quality water for 20 minutes, then poured into the container.

Cover with a loose fitting lid to protect while allowing air to circulate.

Every day, lift out the wooden cross with its hessian bags attached, and stir the liquid vigorously for a few minutes to keep the process ‘aerobic’ (oxygenated - aerobic bacteria are effective chelating agents and all healthy natural systems are aerobic) which should be maintained at all times.

Longer term, an aquarium pump might be added to pump oxygen into the container 24 hours a day if needed.

This principle applies to all composting systems, whether solid compost or liquid manure.

“The liquid manure will be ready from 6 weeks to 6 months depending on the ingredients used. It should be a clear, sweet smelling, caramel coloured liquid.”

Before application, the liquid manure should be vortex stirred for 20 minutes, flow forms being used to the etheric energy of the organisms, the colloidal state of the nutrients and the vitality of the water.

Application can be made for example, by dipping a hand-held brush into the manure and ‘spraying’ it with a flicking action at arm’s length rather as one might distribute seeds while walking slowly over a field.

Thus the farmer or gardener can remedy soil deficiencies in an organic form in harmony with biological processes.

There is a marked developmental difference between fine white feeder root hairs in plants fed by water soluble fertilisers and by the colloidal system.

The latter will develop 3 to 4 times as many fine white feeder root hairs, which enables the plant to make entirely different use of the mineral nutrients in the soil and affects the whole health and vitality of the plant and life in the surrounding soil.

Colloidal nutrients do not leach from the soil but remain available when needed.

The principal is the same in the human body. “Every cell in the human body is made up of colloids arranged to perform specific functions.

For our body to absorb minerals these must be in a colloidal state or they will be excreted, however, if colloidally bonded they will be completely absorbed.

When we understand this important aspect of plant and animal nutrition we can see that there is a direct link between human health and our current agricultural practices. Human nutrition is linked to this process; we are not separate from it.”

Lynette West was internationally recognised as a biodynamic agricultural consultant and trainer. She passed on from this life in 2009 having dedicated years to the subject and is greatly missed.

To view or download her complete article in the Summer 2008 issue of Star & Furrow, please click here.

She made an excellent DVD on Biodynamic Gardening which is available from the Biodynamic Agricultural Association office at Stroud in Gloucestershire - telephone 01453-759501 or email (...'the tools and techniques to nurture your garden')